Miura 1 | SN1 Test Flight

Informazioni sul lancio

Finestra di lancio:

07/10/2023 02:00:00 - 07/10/2023 10:00:00

Vettore Miura 1

Famiglia Miura

Nome Miura 1

Rampa di lancio Médano del Loro

El Arenosillo Test Centre 37,096 -6,738

Missione SN1 Test Flight

The first flight of PLD Space's MIURA 1 SN1 technology demonstrator allows the collection of as much data as possible for the validation and design of the technology to be transferred and integrated into MIURA 5. In addition, this first suborbital flight allows ZARM Research Institution to study microgravity conditions, gathering information necessary for scientific experiments in future suborbital flights. Finally, a PLD Space team shall pick up the rocket in the Atlantic Ocean once splashdown is completed.

Tipo di missione: Test Flight

Tipo di orbita: Suborbital