Soyuz 2.1b/Fregat-M | Gonets-M33, Gonets-M34, Gonets-M35 & Skif-D

Informazioni sul lancio

Finestra di lancio:

22/10/2022 21:57:00 - 22/10/2022 21:57:00

Vettore Soyuz 2.1b Fregat-M

Famiglia Soyuz

Nome Soyuz 2.1b/Fregat-M

Variante Fregat-M

Rampa di lancio Cosmodrome Site 1S

Vostochny Cosmodrome- Siberia- Russian Federation 51,884 128,333

Missione Gonets-M33, Gonets-M34, Gonets-M35 & Skif-D

Gonets-M are an upgraded version of Gonets satellites, derived from military communications system Strela-3. Gonets-M constellation is tasked with monitoring ecological and industrial objects, providing communication and data transmission services, covering also the remote areas like the Far North region. Also onboard is the Skif-D demonstration satellite for the planned Russian Sfera LEO communication satellite constellation.

Tipo di missione: Communications

Tipo di orbita: Low Earth Orbit